Business Travel To Korea

-The program for your business travel to Korea- (business trip to Korea / business tour in Korea)

A local trade expert with abundant experience and knowledge in overseas trade sector helps you succeed in creating a great business opportunity, accompanying you on a business tour in Korea.

Experience and knowledge in overseas trade is more essential than English speaking skill for successful global business meeting. We have witnessed so many times at exhibitions and trade fairs that temporarily-hired interpreters, who are good command of foreign language but little experiences and knowledge in overseas trade, drove business conversation in the wrong direction.

Though our bilingual (English/Japanese) speaking skill is not excellent, our clients will never miss any information and advice throughout the business meeting.

And our high integrity and loyalty to the clients is another strong point in this program. You can definitely rest assured that we work for you not your counterparts(suppliers).

The buyers, who is going to make business tours in Dongdaemun and Namdaemun markets for purchasing products such as clothing, Jewelry and etc., will make great benefits through this program. we help you find out the best quality and pricing of products. And for the next purchasing, you will have only to revisit them by yourself as you had already listed up the most competitive wholesale suppliers onto your data base.

Our services include the following;

  • Pre-survey
  • Arrangement of meeting
  • Airport transfer
  • Accompany on business tour
  • Assist in the business meeting
  • Basically, free vehicle

We can even meet with suppliers on your behalf, if you cannot make it to Korea because of something like Covid-19.