WinWin Corp. is the leading Korean cosmetics wholesale supplier and distributor based in Korea. And also we are a sourcing or purchasing agent of K-beauty products, skincare products and make-up, for the clients & buyers around the world.

We can cover all the inquiries from developing products for private label to sourcing popular brands in Korea. And we have the most competitive prices for almost all brands of Korean K-beauty products along with the cheapest shipping costs.

All the well-known brand cosmetics and skincare products that we supply to our clients always come from inventories of Korean makers, so they are all original authentic products made in Korea.

MOQ depends on brand and item. However, even in the case of small order, we might be able to help you with it once you let us know the accurate information such as item and quantity for each.

You can see our portfolio in sub-menu here – please bring your mouse point to menu of “KOREAN COSMETICS”.

Carefully crafted cosmetics and skin-care products in our portfolio is designed to help our overseas clients create big markets with confidence. We put only promising and quality products in our portfolio.)We provide certifications and papers for you to import the products to your market without any customs clearance issues. Our local partner in each market can distribute the products with the most profitable prices in both wholesale and retail markets.

We, who have been doing business with a variety of buyers and clients around world, are an expert in overseas trade. So, we believe that we could help you with any possible issues that you could met when you import Korean cosmetics to your country.

As we have dealt with a lot of categories, we are able to provide our overseas client with other K-beauty items such as accessories and clothing from Dongdaemun & Namdaemun market, K-pop related contents and fancy stationary.

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