Drop ship

The global market for K-beauty products is growing rapidly. However, it is not easy for a foreign online seller to bring K-beauty products to the country and sell carrying stock, because of increasingly strict customs clearance issue in each country.

Unlike other K-beauty wholesalers, we, already an expert in overseas trade, have the best price, quality services and other various strengths in K-beauty products.

If you’re looking for a way to overcome customs clearance issue in your country, we have solutions such as Order-Fulfillment-Service and Drop-Shipping.

We are perfectly equipped with the essential qualities necessary to carry out the projects.

      1. We offer the best wholesale prices from which global sellers can take a margin of at least 40% to over 100%. In addition, working with us, the sellers can provide an amazing DHL express rate with their customers.
      2. Our differentiated, accurate and rapid shipping services will redouble the competitiveness of our global sellers.
      3. We will keep providing special events to help our clients boost sales.
      4. We, who have long been trusted by our buyers and clients in overseas trade for more than 25 years, place the protection and security of customer information of each seller at the top priority of this project.

To avoid any fake inquiries from the competitors, please send an email with your own store domain to us. If you let us know your location, major market, sales volume and others needed, it will help both of us expedite the processes in order to work together soon.

For us, the best partner is not just a big global seller, but sellers who can share the business vision and philosophy with us, even if it is a small or start-up store.

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