The global market for K-Beauty products has kept growing. However, it has been getting harder for foreign online sellers to bring K-Beauty products into the countries and sell them carrying real-time stock. It’s because of increasingly strict policy of customs clearance for K-Beauty products in each country. If you’re looking for a way to overcome customs clearance issue in your country, we have solutions such as Order-Fulfillment-Services and Drop-Shipping for K-Beauty products.

We, already an expert in overseas trade, are perfectly equipped with the essential strengths and policy necessary to carry out Drop-shipping and Order-Fulfillment projects as follows:

  1. We offer the best prices for Drop-shipping & Order-Fulfillment services.
  2. Our differentiated, accurate and rapid logistics service will redouble the competitiveness of our partner sellers.
  3. Working with us, our partner sellers can provide an amazing DHL express rate with their customers.
  4. We will keep developing and providing special events to help our partners sellers boost sales.
  5. We, who have long been trusted by our buyers and clients in overseas trade sector for more than 25 years, are 100% real drop-shipping company and do not running any on-off line retail business. And we place the protection and security of customer information of each seller at the top priority of the project.

We are not running the website for Drop-shipping, instead we provide material, which contains all the information about products so that our partner sellers can upload on the websites and sell. And our order system for sellers is efficient and optimized for Drop-sipping and will help our partner sellers save time on addressing bulk orders.

We will not be your simple drop-shipper and will play like as your purchasing & logistics department here in Korea. Hence if you are keen to compete with Korean big sellers and win them in global market, the best answer is only us here in Korea.

We do not care about your current sales volume as long as you have dream, vision, and capabilities together with reliable business ethics. However, if you are not good at SEO and SNS marketing, I believe that I have to suggest that you should reconsider joining this battle of K-Beauty products. Because we wish you to save your valuable time & capital, and invest them into more feasible projects in your life.

To avoid any fake inquiries, we should be sent an email with your own store domain to us. If you let us know your location, major market, sales volume and others needed, it will help both of us expedite the processes to work together soon.

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