Why us?

Working with WinWin Corp., one of the leading sourcing and purchasing agent in South Korea, our clients around the world will achieve below:

•  The best quality from reliable manufacturer and supplier.

•  The best terms and conditions.

•  The lowest risk.

•  Prompt reports on the process of deals.

•  Updated market information.

•  Saving of time and money.

Our goal is only to make the best deal at the lowest risk for our clients. And mutual trust has always been our top priority in business. All of our manufacturers and suppliers who have visited our website and read this will totally agree that we have been always working for our clients with our total dedication to them. 

It is well known in overseas trade that meeting the needs of demanding Japanese buyers are never easy works. Much of our experience and know-how in overseas trade have been built working at/with Japanese companies. Thus we are quite certain that you would be satisfied with the way we work.

Again, we believe our clients can achieve the best deal collaborating with us. Even after reaching a deal, we do constantly struggle to create more profits for the following orders and pass all of them to our clients. We can assure you that you will get more than you pay us.

In the case of small business, you need not to hesitate to reach us. We put our priority on growth potential and long-term relationship not order size in the beginning stage of business. We always enjoy working with good partners to achieve the best results not just making money.

– How to Start –
Once you let us know the information on your company, products, expected/possible order volume, and others, we will get back to you with a quick market survey. The more information you would share with us, the better deal we could get to you.

Our policy is to serve only limited numbers of clients around the world, and not to support any possible competitors to our client. And we value business ethics. Thus, you can rest assured that any information you offered us will be treated very carefully.

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