Sourcing Products

-Sourcing and purchasing agent in South Korea for overseas clients-

When we source and purchase products, we do not focus on just finding one-time best prices and conditions, instead we work on to see why the suppliers/makers do what they do and to see how they do it. The results from how we work might be quite different with others.

As you know well enough that it is never easy to meet the needs of demanding Japanese buyers — much of our experience, know-how and performance in overseas trade have been built working at/with Japanese companies. We believe that our clients would be satisfied with the way in which we operate and the results from our efforts.

We believe that high integrity and loyalty is also one of the most essential parts in overseas trade and we can say that we have never betrayed that belief, while having been working with our clients so far.

We provide nearly all the activities of overseas trade sector including market survey, sourcing products, problem solving after shipping, and even assistant services on business travel in Korea. We are kind of mission-driven company. So, you can ask us to be involved in only some specific part in the whole process of sourcing products so that you save cost.

Our cost structure is broken into two major phases. In the beginning stage, things like market research is performed and we may charge just a labor cost per hour. Of course our clients can contact directly with the suppliers listed in our market survey material. And in the next stage, when the order is confirmed and client still want us to be involved in the projects, payment system can be shifted to the commission basis and the payment for the initial market survey would be refunded by the way it is deducted from the commission.

You will be given all the information about prices, suppliers and market situation that we work out. You can contact with suppliers in person whenever you want. Hence any payments will work for you.

Another our differentiator is that we have a legal adviser who is expertise in overseas trade sector like below:

About Yong-han Jo
– Arbitrator of Korean Commercial Arbitration Board.
– 54th ~ 55th President of Busan Bar Association (2013 ~ 2016).
* Busan is the second largest city in Korea.
– The company president’s own brother.